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Canadian Customs Clearance (Personal and Commercial)

We are your best brokerage option for bringing items into Canada from the U.S. Our Canadian import broker specialists ensure that you have the proper documentation to clear customs, including invoices, free trade agreement certificates, bill of lading, carrier documents, manifests, air waybill and ocean/rail manifest. If different documentation is needed because of how your goods are traveling, we have you covered. If the carrier isn’t familiar, we can file the ACI e-manifest on their behalf and we ensure correct tariff classification. We offer freight forwarding and provide customs broker rates and customs duty quotes to make sure you pay the correct amount and as little as possible. We look into trade blocs, duty based on classification, taxes and how the product is being used to ensure accuracy. We explore other options for cost discounts such as the age of the vehicles, goods for religious purposes and more. We are your trusted source for advisement on dangerous goods, special documentation and special carriers.

We get your shipments cleared across the border.


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