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As customs clearance food experts in the area of Canadian and U.S. food imports, A.D. Rutherford International has the expertise on the trade compliance regulations and restrictions imposed on these items. This enables us to help our clients accurately classify and clear all perishable and non-perishable food goods across the border. We’ll advise you on how to get food across the border safely while adhering to all customs compliance laws.

We regularly utilize the Automated Import Reference System (AIRS) to determine the importability of certain goods based on Harmonized Tariff Code (HTC) classification, origin, destination, and other miscellaneous qualifiers of the product, allowing us to identify items and the possible restrictions related to them. Working closely with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), we monitor goods for potential flags in order to avoid imposing penalties or confiscations, and ensure that all goods taken in for inspection are approved and clear customs as quickly as possible.

A.D. Rutherford International is the U.S. and Canadian customs broker of choice for several large-scale businesses such as movie theatres, restaurants, grocery and department stores, and fast-food chains, as well as small-scale clients like local cafes and convenience stores.

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