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Aerospace industry brokerage

Our team of highly qualified aerospace customs clearance experts boasts over 20 years of experience brokering the aerospace industry with the knowledge of how to service everything from parts and accessories to complete aircraft importations. Our clients receive the benefit of specialized expertise to properly import complex aviation instruments and technologies. Whether an outright purchase or lease, we understand that such high-value commodities may often travel across the border both ways to serve the needs of the aerospace industry.

Consultation involves determining whether duty relief tariff coding applies to the importer’s goods and can cover anything from military aircraft parts and working with military contracts, obtaining special government permits required for controlled technology, to handling small-scale aircrafts and aircraft parts on an individual level.

We service imports at all ports including land, sea, and air, paying special attention to goods in the aerospace and aviation sectors to avoid delays caused by improper Harmonized Tariff Code (HTS) classification and country of origin identification. Our trade compliance program ensures your documentation is complete and accurate to clear customs quickly and easily.

We get your shipments cleared across the border.


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