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The story of A.D. Rutherford International is one of continuous growth and success. In 1982, after 35 years in the industry, Mr. Allan D. Rutherford founded A.D. Rutherford & Co. Ltd., a Canadian customs brokerage with its head office in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Mr. Rutherford’s new venture was quickly recognized for providing superior service to importers and exporters, and as a customs broker that businesses could rely on. By working hard to build his clients’ trust, Mr. Rutherford made a name for himself within the community and he was soon seen as a leader in the customs brokerage industry.

Throughout the years, A.D. Rutherford & Co. Ltd. continued to grow, expanding their qualified staff as well as their service offering. They have continued to adapt in order to meet their clients’ constantly expanding and changing needs, from freight forwarding to trade compliance. Their flexibility and determination to provide the best customized service has become one of the defining traits that sets them apart from other customs brokers, earning them a powerful reputation as a caring, helpful, personable company that puts their clients’ needs before anything else.

In 2012, A.D. Rutherford & Co. Ltd. was purchased internally and underwent a major transformation. The company rebranded itself as an international customs broker capable of servicing large scale clients while maintaining their customer-focused and friendly approach. The company name was changed to A.D. Rutherford International Inc. (ADR) to better reflect their new mission and primary objective of offering simple and effective international importing/exporting solutions.

Since then, A.D. Rutherford has expanded across Canada with their head office remaining in Winnipeg Manitoba, new offices in Toronto Ontario and Vancouver British Colombia as well as Boissevain, Emerson and Brandon, Manitoba. Operations have also extended into the U.S. with offices in North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Washington and New York.

A.D. Rutherford International was excited to mark their 35th anniversary in May of 2017, and enjoyed celebrating the important milestone with their team of nearly 50 staff members.